About Us

Montana Confectionery is a proudly Australian owned family business and has been supplying premium quality confectionery since 1985.
Montana Confectionery is situated in the leafy suburb of Bayswater, 30km east of Melbourne and prides itself on sourcing the highest quality Australian and New Zealand made confectionery and then delivering the freshest possible products to our customers in Australia and overseas.
Our range is divided into three separate confectionery categories.
Montana Confectionery
This range consists of all the favourites including Jelly Babies, Bananas, Licorice Allsorts, Milk Bottles, and Mint Leaves.
Irresistible Chocolates
The Irresistible brand chocolate range features premium milk, dark or white chocolate coated fruit or mint centres.
Irresistible Gluten Free
Everyone can enjoy our Montana Confectionery with our latest Gluten free range of fine confectionery. Only the best ingredients, careful product selection and our pristine packing facility mean that our customers can safely enjoy a wide range of gluten free confectionery.
Montana Confectionery packaging facility